About HDBC

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High Desert Baptist Church has a deep desire to change the world through the changed lives of its members.

We have a three fold purpose:

1. Evangelism: We desire to share the life changing, life enriching message of Jesus Christ. We believe that everyone can have a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus, and that this relationship is the key to abundant life.

2. Expression: It is our desire to provide an environment in which everyone can worship God and express their love for Him as well as receive His love.

3. Edification: We believe the Christian life is an adventure that involves personal spiritual growth. We endeavor to equip those associated with our church with the mental and spiritual tools necessary for the abundant Christian life.

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  •               at 10 AM Sundays!

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  • or Better Yet:

  • 2022 Videos Are Available on at this Link: http://rumble.com/c/c-1421554

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1 Response to About HDBC

  1. Terri Friend says:

    Hi my name is Terri friend I used to attend your church I want prayers to go out to Lee Bachlers family. She passed away July 26th there will be a service at Riverside national cemetery on September 9th at 11:00 am if you have any questions please call me or email me. (contact Dave Felt for Terri’s Phone #)
    Thank you

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